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  2. Expert Group on Postgraduate Professional Education Quality Accreditation of Master of Petroleum Engineering on a Tour of Investigation in UPC


    From April 15th to 17th 2019, group of 10 experts on postgraduate professional education quality accreditation of Master of Petroleum Engineering and Natural Gas went on a tour of investigation in UPC. Huang Weihe, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, serve as the group leader. Li Zhaomin(vice principal of UPC), Yao Jun(vice principal of UPC), and others concerned from School of Petroleum Engineering, College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering and other different faculties attended these activities.

    Master of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering is the first pilot program of graduate education certification for engineering degree in China. This certification is also the first time that UPC has received professional certification in graduate education.

    Fig1.The expert is examining some information

    Fig2.Experts are visiting experimental training sites

    Fig3.Experts are visiting experimental training sites

    Fig4.Experts, employers and graduates have a discussion meeting

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