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  2. Prof. Zhou Peng and Jiang Daqing Named Highly Cited Researchers for 2018 by Clarivate Analytics


    Prof. ZHOU Peng is the dean of School of Economics and Management and mainly focuses his research on energy economy and policies, environmental economy and management, low carbon operation management, efficiency and productivity analysis. He has presided over 6 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and published more than 50 SCI papers in top journals, such asJournal of Environmental Economics and Management,European Journal of Operational Research. The citation of SCI/SSCI papers added up to 3000 times. More than ten papers have been included as ESI highly cited papers.

    Prof. JIANG Daqing works in Applied Mathematic Department of College of Science. His main research area is mathematical biology models and infectious disease models with stochasticity expressed by stochastic differential equations. He won the mathematics prize of Qin Yuanxun in 2010, and won the second prize of Natural Science Award by Ministry of Education in 2015. 180 SCI papers have been published.

    Clarivate Analytics names people with multiple papers ranking in the top 1% by citations for their field and year. The Highly Cited Researchersis an annual list recognizing leading researchers in the sciences and social sciences from around the world. This year, a new cross-field category has been added to recognize researchers with substantial influence in several fields but who do not have enough highly cited papers in any one field to be chosen. The United States gains the highest number with 2,639 authors, and the United Kingdom boasting 546. China (mainland), the third, is gaining fast with 482.

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