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  2. 'Energy, Intelligence, Future'-The First China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students Held in UPC


    On Nov. 25, 'Energy, Intelligence, Future'-the First China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students was held in China University of Petroleum. 220 works from 91 universities competed for the final champion. At last, the works from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, China University of Petroleum and Changzhou University won the outstanding awards.

    Since its launching in May, the competition has attracted 8135 students and 1978 works from 269 colleges and universities. The works fully showed the creative ideas of students on the energy development, such as military solar green air-condition, urban concept car, solar floating island water purification system, new energy prediction system, off-power intelligent car-washing device. 

    The competition was the highest contest of innovation and entrepreneurship for the energy field. Themed with 'innovation, green, intelligence and future', it focused on enhancing the innovation capability and entrepreneurial practice of college students. It explored the new concepts and technologies of new energy development and efficiency improvement of traditional energy, strengthened the communication of energy universities and promoted the transformation of innovation achievements.

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