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  2. 2019 Graduation and Degree-awarding Ceremony Held


    On June 23, 2019 Graduation and Degree-awarding Ceremony was held in the gymnasium.  6569 students will graduate from school this year. The leaders, teachers and alumni representatives attended the ceremony and witnessed the exciting moment. 

    President HAO Fang  extended warm congratulations and best wishes to the graduates. He hoped they will be patriotic, diligent and practical in their future life. He also urged them to pursue for excellence in their work and make more contributions to the society and the nation.

    Graduates expressed their thanks to the university and their teachers.  

        GUO Xuguang, the alumni representative, gave advices for the graduates. He encouraged students to be more responsible, persistent and self-disciplined. 

    The university leaders awarded degrees for the graduates. 

    The graduates celebrated their big time with friends and families. 

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