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  2. 2019 Graduate Summer School on“Theory and Application of Modern Seepage Mechanics in Porous Media”in Shandong Province Started


    On the morning of July 1st, the opening ceremony of Graduate Summer School on “Theory and Application of Modern Seepage Mechanics in Porous Media” was held. Vice President of the Graduate School Wang Hanxiang delivered a welcome speech and introduced the background and the basic situation of China University of Petroleum (East China) to all the students of the Summer School. Su Yuliang, vice President of the College of Petroleum Engineering, gave an introduction to the history of the College of Petroleum Engineering. The organization, the faculty and student, the subject settings, scientific research and international exchanges were briefly introduced.

    After the opening ceremony, vice President Yao Jun gave the first lecture of the Summer School entitled “Modern Seepage Mechanics System and Its Development Trend”. He also stressed that the research to porous media is very complex involving multiple disciplines and fields which plays an important role in the development of national economy and society.

    The Summer School is sponsored by Shandong Provincial Education Department and organized by College of Petroleum Engineering, UPC, with help of the Chinese branch of InterPore and the team from Research Center of Multiphase Flow in Porous Area. A total of 70 students from different universities across the country participate in this school.

    Opening Ceremony of the Graduate Summer School

    Reported by Jia Cunqi, Zhang Lei

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