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  2. 2019 International Academic Forum for Graduate Students of “Oil and Gas ? Energy @Future scientist”


    The role of “oil, gas and energy” is becoming more and more important in the national economic and social. The deep-superdeep, unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, new energy and other fields, are becoming more and more attention as well as the development of theoretical and technological exploration. In order to improve the academic research and innovation ability of graduate students, and establish an international academic exchange platform, the International Academic Forum for graduate students of “Future Scientists” in Shandong was hosted by the graduate school and school of Geosciences of China University of Petroleum in 2019, which was held from July16 to 19 in 2019 at China University of Petroleum (East China).

    The Opening Ceremony

    The Forum is sponsored by Shandong Education Department. It includes an opening ceremony, thematic forums, symposiums, thematic training in thesis writing and field work. Doctors and postgraduates from more than ten universities, including National University of Oil and Gas Gubkin University (Russia), China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and China University of Petroleum (Beijing), participated in these activities. The Forum selected 4 Best Paper articles and 36 Distinction Paper articles.During the Forum, over 10 internationally renowned scholars and editors-in-chief of journals were invited to give a series of advanced lectures on oil and gas and future scientific development, technological needs and personnel training, involving Tobias Muleller(chief scientist of CSIRO and Professor of Curtin University), Liu Keyu, professor of China University of Petroleum (East China), and Hu Qinhong, editor-in-chief of Marine and Petroleum Geology. Professor Tobias Muleller delivered a report entitled Poroelasticity as the Underpinning Theory for Modern Seismic Exploration . Professor Liu Keyu expounded the reasons why papers are rejected and what kind of papers are high-quality papers. Professor Hu Qinhong explained how to write a qualified SCI paper.After the Forum, all the participants conducted a geological survey of the Bedrock Coast of the west coast of Qingdao.

    Professor Tobias Muleller

    Field Work

    The Forum provides an excellent platform for academic exchange between graduate students and well-known scholars at home and abroad, and enhances the influence and reputation of first-class disciplines of UPC.

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