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  2. The delegation of China University of Petroleum attended SEG annual meeting and exhibition


    Group photo of participants

    The 89th annual meeting of SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) was held in SAN Antonio from September 14 to 21.The SEG Annual Meeting is the geophysical event of the year, attended by over 6,000 professionals from more than 70 countries, exchanging the cutting-edge technology progress of industry. Besides, the advanced professional equipment and excellent technical solutions was showed by more than 200 famous companies.

    The SEG Annual Meeting is the most influential academic conference in international geophysics. 1070 papers were accepted in this conference, including 90 topics, 730 oral reports and 65 poster topics. And the sessions of this conference cover seismic inversion, migration imaging, deep learning, modeling and imaging, seismic data processing, least square imaging applications and diffraction imaging, new methods of velocity analysis and many other sessions. 44 papers of our school were accepted, more than 40 teachers and students attended the conference, including 7 teachers and more than 30 students.In this conference, professor Tang, professor Du, professor Deng, professor Cao and professor Zong had in-depth exchanges and discussions with the experts and scholars from China and other countries.Professor Du and professor Cao were invited to attend the VIP conference of SEG annual meeting.Professor Cao and professor Zong were invited to serve as the sub session chairman.The teachers and students present oral report and post exhibition respectively.Our school also made a booth to introduce the policy of introducing talents and the latest development of geophysics during the conference, which attracted many experts and scholars to watch. In addition, the alumni of this major had a social gathering activity, and more than 60 alumni participated in the activity.

    Under the support and promotion of the double first-class construction of the university, the number of students attending the international conference keeps growing every year, which not only improves the international influence of the university, but also makes the teachers and students attending the conference fully understand the cutting-edge technology of industry.It is reported that the next SEG annual meeting will be held in Houston from October 11 to 16, 2020.

    Word and Photo provided by Pei Song

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