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    The role of “oil, gas and energy” is becoming more and more important in the national economic and social. The deep-superdeep, unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, new energy and other fields, are becoming more and more attention as well as the development of theoretical and technological exploration. In order to improve the academic research and innovation ability of graduate students, and establish an international academic exchange platform, the International Academic Forum for graduate students of “Future Scientists” in Shandong will be hosted by the graduate school and school of Geosciences of China University of Petroleum in 2019, which will be held in the middle and late July 2019 at China University of Petroleum (East China).

    This International Academic Forum of Future Scientist for graduate students will focus on the theme of Oil & Gas, Energy @ Future Scientists, and making full use of the advance discipline resources of Geological resources and geological engineering of China University of Petroleum (East China) and the two platform of Overseas Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation (111 Center). There are ‘Deep-Superdeep Oil & Gas Geophysical Exploration’ and ‘Tight Oil & Gas Geology and Exploration’.

    The famous experts of domestic and foreign will be invited to give the special reports, help graduate students to know the frontier dynamics of the discipline, extend the international perspective of graduate students to learn the latest achievements in the world, build an international academic exchange platform for graduate students, and conduct joint discussions. This Form will promote the academic exchanges between graduate students and well-known experts of domestic and foreign and enhance the quality of graduate students.

    This forum will set up two forum: Oil and Gas,·Energy and Future and Oil and Gas Exploration, invite about 10 internationally renowned scholars and journal editors to give the lectures on academic promotion and paper writing.

    Theme Forum

    The advance series lectures will be conducted by invited experts to give subject report on oil and gas, energy and future science development, technical requirements, and talent development.

    Special seminar

    Academic exchanges will aim to exploration theoretical methods and technologies related to deep oil and gas, unconventional oil and gas, and other energy minerals.

    Paper writing

    Set up study groups, sharing the experience and experiences of publishing academic papers in the high-level international journals. At the same time, it will promoting the graduate students to better understand the international advance knowledge of disciplines and carry out professional study and research work.

    Practice inspection

    Visit the key laboratories of the deep oil and gas, the key laboratories of unconventional oil and gas development, and the key laboratories of oil and gas reservoir of Shandong Province, and conduct geological experiments on Lingshan Island.

    Conference Theme

    Oil and Gas ? Energy @Future scientist”

    Conference Content

    1. Oil and gas energy expert lectures;

    2. Academic discussion about the oil and gas geology and geophysics;

    3. Advanced concepts and experiences of postgraduate training;

    4. Paper writing discussion;

    5. Practical inspection

    During the conference, famous experts from domestic and foreign will be invited to give relevant academic reports.

    Conference Arrangement

    1. Venue: China University of Petroleum (East China), Qingdao, Shandong

    2. Conference time: July 16-19, 2019.

    Conference papers

    1. Deadline for abstracts of the paper: May 15, 2019

    2. Deadline for the full paperMay 31, 2019

    3. Submission mailbox2827715529@qq.com

    4. Conference paper submission format requirements: 300-400 words of Chinese and/or English abstracts, 3-5 Chinese and/or English keywords. The abstract of the paper should accompanied the author's profile, including: name (date of birth), gender, education, job title, institute name, post address, zip code, mobile phone, e-mail, etc.

    5. Participants are requested to prepare relevant materials by themselves for their technical experience in order to arrange the meeting.

    Conference registration and accommodation arrangements

    The information of conference registration will be announced at the second meeting announcement (expected in June 2019).

    Conference Organization

    Academic Committee

    ChairmanHAO Fang

    Vice ChairmanCAO Yingchang

    MemberZHU Rixiang, FU Liyun, LIN Chengyan, JIN Qiang, JIANG Youlu, HU Qinhong, LU Shuangfang, YIN Xingyao, FAN Yiren, ZONG Zhaoyun

    Steering Committee

    ChairmanLI Zhaomin

    Vice ChairmanYAN Zifeng

    MemberWANG Hanxiang, YU Jixian, DENG Shaogui, LIU Hua, ZHANG Guangzhi, PEI Yangwen, WU Zhiping, XU Yongtao, CAO Danping, LI Fulai

    Organization Committee

    ChairmanLIN Chengyan

    Vice chairman: DENG Shaogui, PEI Yangwen

    Member: QIU Longwei, ZHANG Liqiang, LI Zhenchun, ZHANG Feng, WANG Zhenjie, WANG Min, HE Kaifei, ZHEN Shanshan, SHENG Xuexiang, ZOU Guihong, HUO Ningning, ZHOU Xiaodong

    Conference contact

    Conference convener

    DENG Shaogui        +86-532-86981157         dengshg@upc.edu.cn

    PEI Yangwen           +86-532-86981871         peiyangwen@upc.edu.cn

    Conference contact

    ZOU Guihong          +86-532-86981750         dxyzgh@upc.edu.cn

    HE Kaifei                 +86-532-86983532         kfhe@upc.edu.cn

    ZHENG Hongxia      +86-532-86981750        zhenghongxia@upc.edu.cn

    SHENG Xuexiang    +86-532-86981750         xuexiang@upc.edu.cn

    Contact: School of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum

    AddressNo.66 Changjiang West Road, Huangdao, Qingdao, Shandong, China

    Zip code266580

    Fax:    +86-532-86981878

    Welcome excellent domestic and foreign Doctor and postgraduate students participate this Academic Forum.

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